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Top Talents

At present, CATL has more than 3,400 full-time R&D personnel from a number of well-known universities and laboratories around the world. The team includes two national distinguished experts from the "Recruitment Program of Global Experts" (known as “the Thousand Talents Plan”) and six innovative talents from Fujian "Hundred Talents Program".

Global Think Tank
CATL has established partnerships with some of the world best-known research institutions and laboratories, making scientific research and innovation more powerful.
Domestic: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, China Automobile Technology & Research Center, Beihang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Institute of Energy Storage Engineering of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China etc.
International: Germany MEET National Laboratory, RxFF Consulting ,LLC etc.
R&D Investment

Billions investment for R&D, CATL has built a test center for purpose of integrating analysis and testing ability. There are thousands instruments and pieces of equipment. The equipment is used for comprehensive analysis and testing capabilities for materials, cells, modules, packs and BMS. CATL test center is certified and authorized by CNAS to issue test reports independently.

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